WOAD TO THIS & The Cloth Trade of Frome

This project has been a change of direction for Carolyn Griffiths who had previously curated several 'Blue' events and exhibitions in Frome that were enjoyed by hundreds of visitors. She grew woad in the garden of the Blue House for community dye vats, organised talks by Dr Jenny Balfour-Paul, the world leading authority on indigo and Dr David Hill, retired University of Bristol professor and a member of an EC funded project researching indigo extraction from woad. She also raised money for charity with woad projects such as the 'cloak of invisibility' and blue thread events.   

Carolyn has not strayed far from her passion for blue. The idea for the book arose from the opportunity to display one of Frome's very rare 'Dyed in the Wool' sample books held in the Bath archives. Shown at exhibitions in Rook Lane Chapel and in the iconic drying stove building of the Black Swan Arts Centre, this industrial legacy of Frome's cloth trade deserved to be shared with a wider audience.