Frome Society

The purpose of the book is one which I hope portrays the social and industrial history of the day to day working lives of ordinary people in the cloth trade. It is about the town, the workers, the dyers and the making of cloth with an emphasis on Frome's dye books of the 1700s presented in full page photographs. A book to dip into and enjoy over a cup of tea or to sit and read sections that appeal. To see the photographs of the old documents with the spelling of words that was inconsistent until standardisation in the 1800s. The letters sent to and from clothiers that are frank and full of candour, and the workhouse accounts and bankruptcy papers that portrays the destitution endured by those fallen on hard times. All of which is part of our industrial heritage.

"Your writing is superb! Such factual subject matter presented in such an enjoyable easy flowing form."
                                                                                                           Sue Lloyd


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