This is a fascinating book, meticulously researched and beautifully produced with many illustrations. Dye recipe and pattern books with samples are gems of history and those from Wallbridge and Welshmill tell an important story about sources of dyes, dyeing and the cloth trade of Frome before the start of the industrial revolution. As the title implies, one focus is on production and dyeing of woad for the all-important woad/indigo blues. Today's mechanised
textile industry is taken for granted; this exemplary book reminds us of a time when dyers and weavers were highly skilled, producing a wonderful range of cloth and colours and leaving a legacy in archives and buildings still standing today.                 Dr Jenny Balfour-Paul

                        "I actually ordered this among other colour/dye related books, to read them after I
                        finish one heavy and a bit difficult project. As a sort of prize for my efforts...When
                        it arrived I just thought I'll take a sneak peek to those pictures and then put it aside
                        until my project is finished. But then two hours later I found myself still reading the
                        book...It is gorgeous, so interesting and beautifully illustrated." Paivi  - Finland


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